Academic Staff

We have a team of high level professionals with a single purpose, develop Latin American developer talent, to the world.

Dr. Sandi Delevante, Ph.D

Academic Dean

Doctor of Philosophy-Educational Technology. With a strong motivation in leading, motivate, and encourage learners towards continuous improvement to develop better professionals.

Pablo Azero

Academic Coordinator

30 years in undergraduate and graduate university teaching of computer science and software engineering and 20 years in the software industry. Specialized in software technology, programming languages, in particular functional programming and tools, and software and process engineering. His main motivation is to participate in educational innovation processes that help bridge the gap between industry and academia to form better professionals to participate in industry.

Academic Professors

Dr. Carl Libis

Have a Ph.D. in Mathematics in University of Alabama. With more than 30 years of experience teaching mathematics in the US, 50 publications and 20 papers published. Dr. Carl Libis has research in areas like approximation Theory, Continue Fractions, Number Theory and so long. He is part of the American Mathematical Society.

Dr. Jack Li

Dedicated IT professional with exceptional experience on database devolpment, custom software development, data analysis, business intelligence, project management, and team management. Actually, is a Senior Lead Software Applications Developer in Provost IT Office.

Dr. Pierre Williams

With more than 15 years of experience in mentoring, coaching and teaching staff in different settings. Dr. Pierre Williams have more than 10 years of experience as Mathematics educator in different colleges and universities. He also has experience in the industry.

Dr. Omar Salinas

He is an experienced Spanish teacher, now part of the Spanish and Portuguese department at the University of North Georgia. He has published 9 journalistic articles and has participated in several books.

Industry Expert Tutors

Katerina Anzoleaga

She has a degree in Systems Engineering, with more than 10 years of experience in software quality control. She teaches at the Salesian University of Bolivia, is a trainer in educational programs of the Jala Foundation, and an active member of GP4Tech, a community oriented to reduce the gender gap in technology. She is passionate about teaching and designing pedagogical strategies that provide memorable learning experiences that contribute to the personal and professional development of students.

Rodrigo Menacho

Con pregrado en Electrónica y especializado en el Desarrollo de Software, es educador desde pregrado, motivado por desarrollar el potencial de las personas, promoviendo un estilo de enseñanza agnóstico gracias a su pasión por la música. Colaborador en actividades educativas de la Fundación Jala, como trainer de programación y desarrollo de software.

Paolo Sandoval

More than ten years of experience in software development as a Development Engineer. With five years of playing the role of trainer for Fundación Jala. "I am interested in the education area because I like to share my knowledge and see the evolution process of young talents".

Karla Arce

With experience teaching mathematics to high school and college students, as well as participating in projects focused on contributing to the strengthening of the school-university-work transition in the software industry, giving workshops to students on topics related to technological awareness and logical-mathematical reasoning.

Cecilia Perez

Profesional en Psicología, con más de 17 años de experiencia en las áreas Organizacional, Clínica y Forense y más de 10 años de experiencia como docente de pregrado. Actualmente en el área de Desarrollo de Personas de Jalasoft, promoviendo el desarrollo y fortalecimiento de competencias relacionadas con la comunicación, el trabajo en equipo, la integración y la autonomía.

Pablo Azero

30 years in undergraduate and graduate university teaching in Computer Science and Software Engineering, and 20 in the Software Industry. Specialized in Software Technology, Programming Languages in particular Functional Programming and tools, and Software and Process Engineering.