The history of Jala University

With the belief that investing in people and in their education is vital, we have imparted educational programs for engineering professionals and students for over 20 years, with the purpose of matching your skills to the High-Tech industry standards.

This trajectory allowed us to observe broadly-reaching problems in the region's educational ecosystem, both in schools and universities, enabling our team of experts to analyze the possibilities to deal with this situation.

That is how Jala University was created, as a way to continue the mission of forming exceptional talents in IT.

We began by planning a traditional campus model, but the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic transformed our initial idea into an online focus.

In 2021, we received the exemption from the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE), from the State of California, and since then, Jala University has operated as a US-based institution that offers high-quality technology education to Members of Fundacion Del Saber from all over the world

Thanks to the sponsorship of Fundación del Saber, Jala University has the support of high-tech software partners like Jalasoft, the renowned nearshore outsourcing company. With this sponsorship, all our students receive a full scholarship to study without any cost and are hired for full-time employment at the end of their degree.

We are at the forefront of education for the technology industry and contribute to building tech-savvy regions, transforming communities and lives.