We want Latin America to become a focus of intellectual property development to export to the world.


How to impact the industry from the classrooms with R&D?

Just like there are R&D areas in industries, we want to integrate and promote the methodology of research and development in the final two years of the university degree.

At Jala University, we involve members of the R&D teams from industry companies, so they may participate in your initiatives throughout the degree, additionally, we will have a Degree Project in the fourth year of university which will enable you to execute the prototype of an application that shows an idea, experimenting with projects that may be attached to existing applications.

In order to link R&D to our lessons, we work with a methodology geared toward project-based education, which includes the following aspects:

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    Simulation of real-life problems.

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    Teamwork, exchange of ideas and continuous collaboration.

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    Creativity in the process.