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At Jala University, we work closely with the Software industry and have in-depth knowledge of its needs and secrets. We have a distinguished team of educators who work in the industry and a teaching model based on logic that fosters knowledge building and empowers technological innovators.

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    Requirements for admission to Jala University:

    • Be a member of the Foundation of Knowledge.
    • Have completed high school.
    • Pass the admission course.
    • Full-time availability to dedicate to your studies..
    • Complete our contact form to receive more information and begin the admission process.

    Why choose us to study Software Engineering?


    • We offer a full scholarship provided by the Foundation of Knowledge.


    • Highly qualified instructors with extensive experience in the international software industry.


    • The theoretical/practical study methodology is aligned with the needs of high technology companies.


    • Bilingual education. We prepare you for an international market!


    • Opportunity to develop a thesis project during the final year.


    • An American degree in engineering in 4 years. It will enable you to work in US companies!

    Learn about the admission process

    Learn about the admission process
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    Commercial Software Engineering with a Concentration in Automation and Testing

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