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What will you learn?

In today's fast-paced agile development environment, functional test automation is essential. Automating these tests at both the service and user interface levels offers numerous benefits: rapid and frequent test execution, real-time insights into application status, cost reduction, and reliable results.

Join our Automation Bootcamp to master test automation! You'll gain the knowledge and experience to develop robust automation frameworks, implement tests across services and graphical interfaces, and learn to identify and prioritize tests for automation. Transform your skills and stay ahead in the tech industry!

Automation Bootcamp: Why is the best for you?

Experience an array of benefits in our bootcamps:

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    4 months of full-time immersion.

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    100% scholarship opportunity.

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    100% remote.

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    Paid program.

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    Guaranteed job at Jalasoft upon successful completion of your training.

Our bootcamp demands your full-time commitment, and as such, you'll receive a monthly stipend while enrolled in the program.


Some of the technologies we will work with during the bootcamp include:


Join Our Automation Bootcamp If You Have:
Educational Background: A degree in a computer-related field such as Systems Engineering, Informatics, Computer Science, Electronics, Telematics/Telecommunications, etc.
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Programming Skills: Knowledge and experience in object-oriented programming.


Work Experience: At least 1 year of programming experience in any programming language.


English Proficiency: An intermediate level of English (B2) is essential for success in our Automation Bootcamp.


Self-Reliance: Ability to work autonomously, research independently, and propose effective solutions.


Team collaboration and detail orientation.

Learn with Jala University, work in Jalasoft.

While entering Jala University Bootcamps you will not only learn about technology from the experts of Jalasoft but also work with the methodologies of high-tech companies. Jalasoft is a world-class technology company providing the best software solutions and there is a whole entire world of opportunities available for you with us.


Jala University is a U.S.-based educational institution that offers high-quality technology education to students throughout Latin America. Through Fundación del Saber, studies at Jala University are 100% free of charge.

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