About Careers

The admission process consists of the following steps, summarized as follows:

  1. Registration on our website
  2. Information session about the academic offerings and scholarship process;
  3. Vocational test PSV
  4. Attitude and logic test
  5. English diagnostic test
  6. Questionnaire on remote study environment
  7. Admission course (pre-university)
  8. Personal interview
  9. Acceptance letter
  10. Start of classes

Yes, we are a 100% virtual university, allowing students from different regions to actively participate in our educational programs from the comfort of their home or any location with internet access. Our focus on virtual education is designed to provide flexibility and accessibility, ensuring a high-quality theoretical/practical learning experience for all our students.

The requirements to apply to our university are as follows:

  1. Registration with Fundación del Saber
  2. Application registration on our website
  3. successful completion of the admission process
  4. Presentation of your high school diploma, or its equivalent, from the country you are applying from.

It is not advisable, as the courses we offer at Jala University are demanding and require significant dedication. The schedules for the subjects vary according to the module, so it is crucial to manage your time effectively to meet the program's demands.

While our classes are online, we uphold a strict attendance policy at Jala University. Each class session is important, and we believe that active and regular participation is essential for an effective learning process. We value the commitment of students to their education and consider attending classes fundamental to fully benefit from the resources and knowledge we offer.

It's not something we recommend at Jala University, mainly due to the workload and the level of dedication required for our university programs.

The degree we award is American and can be validated through the Hague Convention in countries that are part of this agreement. However, it is important to clarify that the validation process is the responsibility of the student. Each graduate must inform themselves and carry out the necessary procedures according to the regulations and specific requirements of their own country.

Your salary will be paid in full and will not include deductions to reimburse the value of the scholarship, as it has already been fully covered by the sponsor during your education.

The work commitment to the company sponsoring the scholarship is directly proportional to the completed study period. This means that if a student finishes their degree within the timeframe established by the curriculum, which is usually 4 years, then their work commitment to the scholarship sponsor will also be 4 years, once they have completed their studies.

It's important to highlight that during this employment period with the sponsor, no type of financial repayment is required to compensate for the value of the scholarship, as it is fully funded by the sponsor. The commitment is purely professional, providing the graduate with valuable work experience while honoring the scholarship agreement.

There is no age limit to apply to our professional careers. It is important to note, however, that the admission process is competitive, and we are looking for applicants who demonstrate a strong commitment and a genuine passion for the field of study.

Additionally, it is essential to understand that the study programs we offer require full-time dedication.