About Careers

The career takes four years,  including the graduation project.


No, because our content is different from other universities.


Do not fail any course.

Each and every case is evaluated.

First, the Academic Directorate will set an appointment to learn about the details; then, a commitment will be celebrated to keep the scholarship, and, finally, the student will have to demonstrate his/her commitment by obtaining a higher average on the second semester (i.e., 75%).

If the student upholds this commitment, in the third semester the condition is again reset, and the student should not fail any course again.  If he fails again, the scholarship will be revoked.

Unfortunately, this is not possible for us.

The average salary is competitive for the position of Junior.

No, in general terms, but every case can be evaluated.

Every case will be evaluated.

No, the only way to graduate is presenting a Graduation Project.

No, because the assignment includes technical English and teamwork simulating work situations.

No, because the activities are performed via a virtual system.