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What will you learn?

A FullStack Developer has the skills and knowledge of holistic software application development from frontend to backend, as well as including the DevOps culture in the equation. This bootcamp seeks to train competent FullStack developers with the best practices of the software industry with a 100% practical approach. You will work with:

• ALM Tools (Application Lifecycle Management)
• Agile documentation platform
• Ontologies and other tools
• Platform for versioning
• ASD Tools (Agile Software Development SDLC)

Backend: Focused with .Net and C #, modeling and documentation of Rest APIs (API First), representation of software architecture (Model C4), integration with a NoSQL database (MongoDB), use of containers (Docker), and an introduction general to Microservices architecture.

Frontend: Focused on TypeScript, Javascript and Angular v11, Asynchronous programming strategies, Rendering Optimization, Materialization of a design in components, Selection of libs and tools, Coherent definition that allows the application to grow, good practices within development such as static code analysis (linter) and tests (unit and integration).

Why is this the best bootcamp for you?


We are looking for passionate engineers with these skills that want to become excellent test automation professionals:

Have studied a career related to software development.

Year of experience in programming.

Good English level, written and spoken.

Have self-taught skills.

Have knowledge in Backend Development.

Teamwork skills

Being detail-oriented.

Learn with Jala University, work in Jalasoft.

Our vision

Our vision together is to develop the Software Industry and contribute to the creation of intellectual property in LATAM. With over 1000+ Engineers and a disruptive perception of education and learning, we’re proud to be one of the pioneers in the region. Our Bootcamps are based on a methodology of working on real projects that can truly contribute to the community and the industry.

In the 100+ versions of our Training Programs we have trained more than 1500 engineers in the region and we want to contribute to the growth of the Software industry in LATAM.