Our team

We have a solid group of experienced people in the technology industry. Learn from the sector, first hand!



Chris Schnupp, EJD

Chief Academic Officer
Highly qualified educator with experience managing academic operations in a wide range of settings. Serves on a number of academic and extracurricular committees and maintains a commitment to enhancing learning experiences for diverse student populations.

Juan Salinas

Chief Executive Officer
With over 18 years' experience in the Software Industry and education, and a background in engineering, management and engineering education program design, he has helped hundreds of talented people enter the Software Industry. He is now eager to reach more people in LaTam, and help change people's lives and their communities through education.


Gabriela Becerra

Admissions Director & Academic Advisor
Passionate about education, with more than 15 years of experience in the Software Engineering area as a developer, quality engineer, and project manager. The experience gained in the roles played in the industry has allowed her to add value to the generation of courses, mentoring, and innovation in the educational area focused on technology skills development for children, youth, and adults. Faithful believer that teamwork can generate better ideas by fostering initiative and creativity, allowing dynamism and constant professional and personal growth. 

Tatiana Andrade

Country Manager de Brasil
Specialist in the educational sector, with more than 20 years of experience. Extensive experience as a speaker in graduate and post-graduate courses, consulting and project development.
She was part of the Ministry of Education, leading teaching units, being responsible for the management of courses and evaluations in institutions and introducing new businesses.
Her management has been based on values and social responsibility, with a strong humanistic approach, which has been focused on academic, educational, operational, and especially on the development of people.

Angélica Cabra Gaitán

Country Manager de Colombia
Social Worker, Specialist in Human Development and Master in Social Intervention, with more than 14 years of experience in Higher Education in Colombia and Mexico.
She has led social research projects for LATAM, on student dropouts and psychosocial support models for students in higher education. For several years she has developed a great trajectory in the design of organizational structures, which seek the development of leadership and student academic training.
She has knowledge in high quality accreditation processes and training for the development of qualified registrations. Academic expert in the development of retention and loyalty strategies, which contribute to the growth of business KPIs of organizations.
Specialist leader in the development of innovative business models in educational areas, with extensive experience in the creation of expansion strategies in Latin America.

Vianey Suarez

Country Manager de México
Educational psychologist with a master's degree in business administration, and over 10 years of experience in Educational Innovation, generating development and expansion plans in Middle and higher education. Achieving this through the development and implementation of commercial, academic, and student retention strategies in both public and private programs. This includes the creation of learning environments, always seeking to consolidate or bring these educational experiences closer to disadvantaged sectors. Additionally, She have experience in developing and implementing human development programs to provide comprehensive education for students, with the aim of improving their experience and ensuring their retention.


Ramiro Guede

Country Manager de Argentina
Political scientist, specialized in institutional communication and digital marketing. Passionate about helping organizations promote paths of innovation and development to achieve sustainable expansion in the digital world, aiming to generate a positive impact on the community by strategically leveraging communications to maximize their potential. With 16 years of experience in educational management in Argentina, he has worked in managerial and coordination roles, leading recruitment campaigns and strategic alliances. A consultant and manager of sustainable and social projects, promoting inclusion and diversity policies to ensure equal opportunities and an enriching educational experience for students in the region. Due to his humanistic background, he considers passion, values, talent, and social responsibility as pillars in his management approach.