{Knowledge in Action}: our methodology.


At Jala University, we believe that true knowledge is built upon the combination of theoretical understanding and practical experience. That's why we ensure you reach this level of comprehension through a unique methodology that integrates both aspects and is supported by the industry.


Initial Academic Training

During the first 4 academic cycles (equivalent to 2 years), you will delve into the study of fundamental theoretical subjects. However, we don't stop there. Every learned concept is put into practice through real projects, allowing you to apply the knowledge and develop practical skills from the outset. This hands-on approach is key in our methodology.

Specialization Phase

The next stage, also composed of 4 academic cycles, aims primarily to connect you with the industry. Here, academic professors and professionals provide you with the necessary context to apply theory in real-world situations. Additionally, the final year of the program is dedicated to a graduation project where you will develop an application prototype, demonstrating an idea that could evolve into a startup and be integrated into the industry.


Direct Work with Industry

Once you've completed the program, you'll be ready to step into the workforce. Thanks to our methodology, which includes practical experience from day one, transitioning into top international high-tech companies becomes seamless. The knowledge acquired during the training is naturally applied in the workplace, allowing you to stand out from the start.

Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom


With Jala University, you don't just acquire knowledge, you put it into action from day one!