We ensure that you reach expertise through practical, industry-supported, education.



That is how you will develop your academic education with us.

1. Initial academic education

The first 4 academic terms (2 years), you will study theoretical subjects that will be put into practice through actual projects. This will help you assimilate the concepts learned in each module. We employ a Hands-On model. 

2. Specialization phase

This phase also has 4 academic cycles with the purpose of achieving a connection with the industry. The faculty will provide you with the context of the application of theory to everyday practice.


The final year, you will work on a degree project, in which you will develop the prototype of an application showing an idea (start-up) that can be attached to other existing applications in the industry.


3. Direct employment in the industry

After completing your degree, you will begin your first years of work at the main High-Tech companies at an international level. You will be able to apply the knowledge acquired throughout your education, which will be easy for you, since you'll already be linked to the industry's dynamics thanks to our methodology.