Commercial Software Engineering with a concentration in {Design and Architecture}



You will master the best practices of the commercial software industry to develop robust, easily maintainable, scalable applications that foster interaction through a good user experience.

The concentration in Design and Software Architecture focuses on the processes, methodologies, techniques, and tools for the development of high-quality software systems with international industry standards and practices

Duration: 4 years.


Study Plan

This four-year program consists of two stages. During the first two years, students from both majors will follow a common plan, where they will take conceptual and practical subjects to implement throughout their education.


During the last two years of the program, their education will focus on the skills needed to develop their knowledge in design and architecture, including the development of a thesis project during the final year alongside R&D.

Some subjects you'll see in the program:



We offer a full scholarship for Fundación del Saber.


Highly qualified teachers with extensive experience in the international software industry.


Theoretical/practical study methodology is aligned with the needs of high technology companies.


Bilingual education. We prepare you for an international market!


Four years of studies, including a senior project during the final year.


American engineering degree in 4 years. It will enable you to work in United States-based companies!


Student Profile

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    Completed high school.

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    Advanced logical and reasoning skills.

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    Sense of order.

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    Attention to detail.

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    Knowledge of how to operate a computer to participate in classes.


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