Work as partners

We created an educational model in which the engagement of High-Tech companies is essential to educational development. In this model, you will learn what you need for your professional development in the technological market.

Work of academic consultants

We work closely with a consulting staff that provides us with the necessary guidelines to be able to perform the educational process in accordance with the quality standards required in the market, using new theoretical-practical methodology.

Investor engagement

Through Fundación del Saber, we collect funds provided by the industry, which is committed to the academic advancement of students and maintains a direct relationship with the quality of learning based on practice in their companies. They allow for the studies to be 100% free.


What is the importance of Fundación del Saber?

Fundación del Saber is a not-for-profit organization that provides opportunities for technology enthusiasts to learn essential industry skills and to achieve a tangible impact on the world.


Its purpose is to reduce the opportunity gaps for Latin-American communities through professional education and job opportunities in the software industry, that is why it's connected to the industry to collect funds that enable it to finance its members´ education, as well as to link them to technology companies around the world.


To access the education imparted by Jala University, you must be a part of Fundación del Saber. To be a member, you must apply on their website and, when accepted, you will be credited with a full scholarship for the program you applied for.

Jala University does not do business with/in the following countries: Crimea, Cuba (CU), Iran (IR), North Korea aka Democratic People's Republic of Korea (KP), Sudan (SD), Syria aka Syrian Arab Republic (SY), Donetsk, Luhansk.