University careers

For being a student at Jala University and receiving a full scholarship, you must have the undergrad membership of Fundación del Saber.

How do I apply for an Undergrad level membership in Fundación del Saber?

The Undergrad* membership allows you to study one of Jala University's undergraduate programs with a full scholarship. To apply, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the admission form level: Undergrad. Remember to have the necessary documentation at hand.
  2. After filling out the form, we will contact you to invite you to an information session. We recommend that you attend with your parents or legal guardian.
  3. After the information session we will send you an attitude and logic test to take on the spot.
  4. After 3 to 5 days you will receive the results of the test, if they are satisfactory, you will be able to move forward with the process.
  5. Next, you must complete the registration and sign the letter of commitment to enter the admission course. Once completed, you will receive the access and material to start the course during the following days.
  6. After passing the admission course, you will be summoned to a new information session, to expand on the details regarding Membership and conditions of access to the Fundación del Saber scholarship.
  7. Fundación del Saber will inform Jala University about the new member, and you will be registered as a student at the university.
  8. The university will contact you to confirm the start date of classes and give you all the information about your career.

Being part of Fundación del Saber opens the doors to the education imparted at Jala University.

Fundación del Saber has the purpose of improving the lives of professional talent developed in information technologies degrees, helping them build world-class educational foundations that allow them to stand out in the world.

In order to achieve this, Fundación del Saber actively seeks the involvement of the industry through financial and experiential investment that enables the development of the professionals that the industry needs, ensuring that these talents do not encounter any financial impediments for accomplishing their dreams.

Only the members of Fundación del Saber will be able to access full scholarships for academic development at Jala University.


Commercial Software Engineering with Concentration in Design and Architecture

This four-year program is focused on the discipline related to the processes, methodologies, techniques and tools for the development of high-quality software systems.


Commercial Software Engineering with Concentration in Automation and Testing

With a four-year plan, this program is focused on the development of knowledge and skills for implementing testing techniques and strategies using automation software tools.