Supplement your academic knowledge with a specialization that puts you up-to-date with the needs of the industry


Admission process

To study a Specializtion at Jala University and be accredited for an integral educational scholarship, remember that you have to be a member of Fundación del Saber.


Choose a program
Learn more about Jala University's specializations here.
Fill out the application form for the program you want to apply to.
If you meet the requirements, we will invite you to an information session where we will give you more details about the program.


You will undergo the following assessments: 


Psychometric tests
Knowledge test (only applies to the Development Program).
English test (grammar)
Technical test
English interview
PDA evaluation
Personal interviews with the People Development team.
Membership Contract:
After you have passed all the evaluations, the next step will be to sign your Membership Contract with the Fundación del Saber.
Student registration at Jala University:
After signing the contract, Fundación del Saber will inform Jala University about your membership and you will be registered as a new student of the university.
The university will contact you to provide you with all the information you need before you start your classes.

Being part of Fundación del Saber opens the doors to the education imparted at Jala University.

Fundación del Saber has the purpose of improving the lives of professional talent developed in information technologies degrees, helping them build world-class educational foundations that allow them to stand out in the world.

In order to achieve this, Fundación del Saber actively seeks the involvement of the industry through financial and experiential investment that enables the development of the professionals that the industry needs, ensuring that these talents do not encounter any financial impediments for accomplishing their dreams.

Only the members of Fundación del Saber will be able to access full scholarships for academic development at Jala University.


Learn more about our Specializations

Automation Testing Specialization

You'll have 7 months of training and 3 months of international internship in the automation testing area. You'll learn to perform automated functional tests in JAVA, Selenium, TestNG and/or Junit, Cucumber and RestAssured for API testing technologies.


Manual Testing Specialization

You'll have 6 months of training and 3 months of international internship where you will learn subjects related to manual testing in software quality to ensure the quality of the created software.

Software Development Specialization

You'll have 6 months and a half of training and 3 months of internship to handle the life cycle of a software product, development of Microservice-oriented applications and design web applications that will provide you with experience in the design and implementation of commercial applications.